Pictured Above is our amazing ceremonialist team consisting of (Left to Right) Danny C, Doug G, Joshua R, Saren B, and Troy B

The Order of the Arrow’s ceremony teams have a rich history with roots in Native American culture. As members grow through the honors of Ordeal, Brotherhood, and Vigil, they are met by many challenges conveyed through the ceremonies given to them by their fellow members. These ceremonies are a testament to the cheerful acts and burdens an Arrowman takes upon themself.

At the 2022 NOAC in Knoxville, Tennessee, the lodge’s ceremonies team was evaluated by national trainers for their portrayal of the Pre-Ordeal and Brotherhood ceremonies. The ceremonialists who portrayed the Pre-Ordeal ceremony were presented with an honor rating (0-3 mistakes), and the Arrowmen who were evaluated in the Brotherhood ceremony were given a quality rating (near perfect).

Congratulations to Saren B. (Pre-Ordeal and Brotherhood), Troy B. (Pre-Ordeal), Danny C. (Pre-Ordeal and Brotherhood), Doug G. (Pre-Ordeal), Eli L. (Brotherhood), and Ben M. (Brotherhood)!

If you are interested in learning about ceremonies or joining the lodge team, email Ceremonies Chair Ben M. at  for more information.

If you are a current ceremonialist, visit oa-bsa.org/resources/inductions/ceremony-texts for the texts. The files are password protected using the honor-appropriate safeguard. (Ordeal: the admonition; Brotherhood: the answer to Allowat Sakima’s question; Vigil: the watchwords).