As part of Takhone Lodge’s commitment to our members, we are putting forward a scholarship to attend either the National Leadership Seminar or any of the Order of the Arrow High Adventure programs. This program is available to all youth members (under 21) of the Lodge. The scholarship covers the complete cost of the National Leadership Seminar and covers up to 200 dollars off the members OA High Adventure.   Members interested in taking advantage of the scholarship should follow the instructions below:

    1. Completely and thoroughly fill out the scholarship application
    2. Submit it to and
    3. The Lodge Chief in consultation with the Lodge Adviser, will review the application and together decide whether or not the Arrowmen received the scholarship.
    4. The Lodge Chief will send a response to the Arrowmen who requested the funds within 2 weeks of the submission

Download the Scholarship Form Here

There is no set amount of scholarships that Takhone Lodge can give out in one year as the amount that can be given out. The funds for the scholarship come from the sale of a special lodge flap that is sold each year. See below for a history of flaps produced in the past. If you are interested in supporting the scholarship fund, be sure to check out the trading post at the next lodge function or online here.  

Philmont was chosen to be the focus of the first flap as it is was also the home of the first-ever OA High Adventure. Started in 1995 OA Trail Crew held its first sessions and has been going strong ever since. The lodge produced 200 of these flaps and each came with a special portfolio and envelope each being numbered.

Started in 2005, OA Ocean Adventure has had multiple homes over the course of its lifetime. This flap depicts the Florida keys and celebrates the history of the program. Each arrowhead on the keys represents one location for OAOA and the mylar arrowhead represents where the program currently is at Big Munson Island. The lodge produced 200 of these flaps with each being individually numbered on the front of the flap.

The Order of the Arrow Wilderness Voyage (OAWV) was created in 1999 and was modeled after the success and service of the OA Trail Crew Program at Philmont Scout Ranch. This program operates out of the Charles L. Sommers canoe based at the BSA’s Northern Tier National High Adventure Base in Ely, Minnesota

Takhone Lodge produced 200 of these flaps, each with an individual number. The flap depicts a perfect day up north with scouts on one of the many crystal clear lakes of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. The flap also features the Northern Tier logo and the National Leadership Seminar logo.