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Position Email Adviser Email
Lodge Executive Committee
Lodge Chief lodgechief(at) lodgeadviser(at)
Vice-Chief of Operation vcoperations(at) vcoperationsadviser(at)
Vice-Chief of Chapters vcchapters(at) vcchaptersadviser(at)
Vice-Chief of Program vcprogram(at) vcprogramadviser(at)
Vice-Chief of Inductions vcinductions(at) vcinductionsadviser(at)
Vice-Chief of Communication vccommunication(at) vccommunicationadviser(at)
Vice-Chief of Finance vcfinance(at) vcfinanceadviser(at)
Chapter Chiefs
Calumet Chapter calumet(at) calumetadviser(at)
Checaugau Chapter checaugau(at) checaugauadviser(at)
Five Creeks Chapter fivecreeks(at) fivecreeksadviser(at)
Iron Horse Chapter ironhorse(at) ironhorseadviser(at)
Portage Creek Chapter portagecreek(at) portagecreekadviser(at)
Prairie Dunes Chapter prairiedunes(at) prairiedunes(at)
Tall Grass Chapter tallgrass(at) tallgrassadviser(at)
Thunderbird Chapter thunderbird(at) thunderbirdadviser(at)
Trailblazer Chapter trailblazer(at) trailblazeradviser(at)
Tri-Star Chapter tristar(at) tristaradviser(at)
Website website(at) websiteadviser(at)
Publications publications(at) publicationsadviser(at)
Social Media socialmedia(at) socialmediaadviser(at)
Merchandise mechandise(at) mechandiseadviser(at)
Training training(at) trainingadviser(at)
Fun fun(at) funadviser(at)
Camp Service campservice(at) campserviceadviser(at)
Elections elections(at) electionsadviser(at)
OA Rep oarep(at) oarepadviser(at)
Camp Promotions camppromo(at) camppromoadviser(at)
Elangomat elangomat(at) elangomatadviser(at)
Brotherhood brotherhood(at) brotherhoodadviser(at)
Vigil vigil(at) vigiladviser(at)
Ceremonial ceremonial(at) ceremonialadviser(at)
Past Lodge Chief pastchief(at)
Membership membership(at)

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