Takhone Lodge supports 10 Chapters as defined by the districts of the Pathway to Adventure Council. Each Chapter has a representative Chapter Chief who is a member of the Lodge Executive Committee. Each Chapter also has two additional youth elected officers (Vice-Chief and Secretary) as well as an adult serving as Chapter Adviser. Our chapters are grouped into 3 areas (North, Central, South) that each work with a different Area Chairman on the LEC.



District Chapter Area
Signal Hills &
North Woods
Allemakewunk North
Pathfinder &
Schiwa’pew Kaak
Indian Trails &
Twin Lakes &
Voyageur Trace
Shin-Go-Beek Central
Tall Grass Leekwinai
Iroquois Trails &
Greater Southside Leke Netapolis
Nichnabec & Crossroads Potawattomi South
Thunderbird Pokagon
Prairie Dunes Oposa Achomawi