Request a Unit Visitation

Takhone Lodge’s 2024 Unit Visitation season will run from January 1, 2024, through March 31, 2024. Takhone Lodge’s unit visitations consist of three components: OA Opportunities Promotion, Camp Promotion, and Unit Election. Your local chapter will bring a team out to one of your meetings to provide a presentation. Request a visitation using the following link and a chapter representative will reach out to confirm.

Request Visitation Form

If your unit wishes to decline an OA Visitation in 2024, please fill out the following form: here


Thank you for allowing Takhone Lodge to come to your meeting for a unit visitation. We appreciate your feedback to mold our unit visitation process in the future. Please fill out this survey to let us know how we did and what we can improve on.

Feedback Form Link