Ordeal Candidates

If you are an ordeal candidate please read the information below as well as our Ordeal page on our website.

Unit Elections

Our first order of business is that our Unit Election season ended on Sunday, April 11, 2021. This is the deadline for any adult nominations as well. Please reach out to your Chapter Officers who have been very diligent in reaching out and communicating to you all. Elections may be held virtually or in-person following PTAC’s most current COVD-19 guidelines. The lodge can help set up a virtual meeting if necessary.


There are six opportunities for you to complete your Ordeal this year. You must complete your Ordeal within 12 months of your election; otherwise, you must be re-elected. The National Order of the Arrow Committee recently instituted a temporary policy change, so any candidates elected after February 2019 will have 24 months from the date of their election to complete their Ordeal. You can read the official announcement on the OA website HERE. If your scouts cannot attend one of the 6 fellowship events we will have more opportunities in the Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2022.  There will be a candidate cap on each fellowship to follow State and PTAC guidelines. Masks will be required and social distancing will be in place as needed.

Dates can be found on the Takhone Calender or below with registration links:

Founders Fellowship – September 17-19 @ Camp Betz

Fall Fellowship – October 8-10 @ Camp Napowan

OA Welcome Sessions

The lodge will be hosting a series of informational welcome sessions throughout the summer to present key information to both parents and candidates about the OA, and our lodge. This session will be hosted on Zoom. We highly encourage all elected scouts and leaders as well as legal guardians to attend.

Thursday, September 2nd @ 7pm

Meet and Greets

These meet and greet sessions are a time for you, as candidates to meet your elangomats as well as the other people in your clan. This will also be a time for you to ask any last-minute questions of the inductions team before your induction event. These events take place the Tuesday before each Induction event and are hosted on Zoom.

For Founders Fellowship: Tuesday, September 14th @ 7 pm

For Fall Fellowship: Tuesday, October 5th @ 7pm

Callout Ceremony

The lodge will attempt to hold Callout Ceremonies during summer camp in addition to ceremonies put on by the districts. Additionally, the Lodge has made a callout presentation for you to show at a troop Zoom call or in-person meeting. This presentation is available for download HERE.

Please download it and you may insert your scouts and Unit Leaders who have been elected into the blank slide in the middle of the presentation. This is an optional presentation but it has some very valuable information. This presentation can be shown anytime after your unit election.