2019 Summer Camp Inductions

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For the first time ever the first Lodge Officers for Takhone Lodge 7 met at the Chicago Scout Office. There was much conversation, decisions made, reports given, and things accomplished.

All four lodge chiefs were asked to give an update on the formation on the new chapters. Pachsegink informed everyone that they will be hosting Chapter Trainings and elections led by the Takhone Vice Chief of Chapter Curtis Propst in compilation with the Pachsegink Lodge Chief Adam Popper at their fall fellowship. Both Owasippe and Michagema are in the process of merging their chapters now and the merged chapter meetings will begin this month and will have elections in October. Lakota has already merged their chapters to form the 2/3 chapters in the North Area of Allemekwunk and Shiwa’pew kaak.

A majority vote was reached, and as of 2019 Takhone Lodge will not hold summer camp inductions. Meaning Owasippe Scout Reservation will no longer provide summer camp inductions. With that there is still discussion on what induction opportunities will be provided but right we will still be servicing all off our council camps.

Below is a google form for your feedback on summer inductions moving forward in the years to come.

Google Form Link